What is a registered trademark?

In New Zealand, it's a trademark that has been submitted to the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ), examined and approved by them. Once it's completed all these steps, it's registered and only then can you use the registered trademark symbol - ® 

Who or what is DIY TM?

DIY TM is a trading division of trademark software start-up Sortify.tm Limited, and was built by IP lawyers with a wealth of experience in all things IP, including trademarks, patents, branding and copyright.

With decades of local and international experience in the IP world, we are acutely aware of what can trip people up during the trademark registration process.  We built DIY TM to ensure that many of the usual stumbling blocks are eliminated, and that the process to register a trademark is as straightforward as possible.

Once you've chosen your trademark that you’d like to protect in New Zealand, DIY TM is the perfect place to do this.  Our online assisted application service will make the trademark application process a breeze. 

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Why use DIY TM for your New Zealand trademark application?

1. No lawyers! 

  • We've used all our creators' legal experience to create a system that allows you to apply for your trademark without getting a lawyer involved. That's why our pricing is so reasonable and transparent; NO hourly rates or hourly legal fees.
  • If you DO want legal advice, then certainly contact our associated law firm and they will be able to help out. 

2. Your application is filed instantly

  • Once the DIY TM wizard has all of your trademark details and your payment has been processed, the wizard instantly submits the application to IPONZ.  
  • Within minutes* you will receive an email containing your DIY TM filing receipt, your official IPONZ filing number, full details of your trademark application, and a note from us about the next steps. (*if IPONZ is down when your application is submitted, DIY TM will continue to try until the application has been submitted- at which point your filing receipt will be emailed to you.)

 3. There's no need to create an account

  • That's right - not with us, not with IPONZ. DIY TM correspondence is sent to you by email; no need to log in to yet another mailbox, or remember another username and password. 

4. We'll take care of goods and services wording objections for free

  • Once you send your application off, it will be examined by IPONZ within a month.
  • Many objections to applications relate to the wording of the goods and services listed in the application. However, DIY TM uses the IPONZ "pre-approved" list of 66,000 goods and services deemed to be acceptable.  
  • Because we only use the pre-approved goods and services, we're confident that YOU won't receive any "specification" objections. In the (extremely unlikely) event that you do receive an objection to the goods and/or services, we'll take care of it for you at no charge.
  • For more about goods and services, check out our Need to Know page.

5. Our flat fee pricing is fair and affordable!

  • Being a startup itself, DIY TM is very much aware that cost certainty and value for money are two huge factors when getting help to protect your brand. As we've said, you don't pay for lawyers to do the work each time. We did that hard work in advance. Check out our pricing page. 

Why can’t I just do it myself through the IPONZ website?

  • You can - just visit www.iponz.govt.nz, create a RealMe account, and follow the instructions.
  • However, we are confident that our guided filing process is easier and faster than filing directly through IPONZ, or through other third party online filing websites.

What happens after my New Zealand trademark application is filed?

After DIY TM has submitted your New Zealand trademark application, we'll send you email updates as things happen, specifically:

1. if IPONZ accepts and then publishes your application

  • We'll let you know the good news by email

2. if your application faces an objection to the wording of the goods and/or services

  •  We'll fix it for no charge and will let you know by email.

3. if your application receives other sorts of objections

Your application may be held up if:

  • another person or company has an earlier trademark registration identical or similar to your trademark.
  • your trademark does not satisfy the IPONZ criteria for registration.
  • another person or company formally opposes the registration of your trademark.

If this happens, we'll email you a copy of the IPONZ letter, along with a clear and simple outline of the options available to you.

There may be occasions when your trademark application is unable to satisfy all of the IPONZ requirements. In this case, your trademark application won't be able to proceed to acceptance or registration.  

If you need specific advice on trade marks, we suggest getting in touch with a trademark expert before you apply.

4. if your trademark is registered

  • This comes after acceptance. We'll email you the trademark registration certificate and include details of how to renew your trademark in due course. You will be a trademark registrant, and can use the registered trademark symbol  ®  with your trademark!

How long will my New Zealand trademark application take?

  • your New Zealand trademark application via DIY TM takes a matter of minutes (depends how fast you are!)
  • your application will be examined by IPONZ usually within a month and they'll let us know if it's accepted or if there are objections.
  • DIY TM will report this to you by email within one business day.
  • If you need to answer any IPONZ objections, then it's all up to you - but this "prosecution" process can take anywhere from a day upwards to many months (if you are really slow). It depends on how fast you act and how many questions IPONZ has for you.
  • if the application is accepted then the application is published and 3 months allowed for others to object. They'd need a good reason though. THEN your trademark is registered
  • If there is no opposition to your trade mark within three months, then your application should be registered at a minimum of six months after the filing date.

If my application is rejected by IPONZ, can I get a refund?

No, unfortunately once your trademark application is submitted the fees are non-refundable. We recommend preparing thoroughly before submitting your application.   


Can I call you if I get stuck?

  • Our guided trademark filing wizard is designed to be used without any assistance from us - try it and you’ll very quickly see how easy we've made the process.
  • If you have any questions about using the filing wizard, email us at admin@diytm.co.nz or use our Contact page to get in touch.


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