Before you apply

DIY TM is an assisted application service - we help you apply for your trademark with IPONZ.

Once you've chosen a trademark that you’d like to protect in New Zealand, DIY TM is the perfect place to do this.  Our filing wizard makes the application process a breeze. 

Remember, not all trademarks are registrable. If you need specific assistance with choosing your trademark, advice on whether it's registrable or information trademarks generally, we suggest getting in touch with a trademark expert before you apply. 

Once your trademark application is assessed, the IP Office cannot refund your examination fee. We recommend preparing thoroughly before submitting your application. 

Your trademark

A trademark can be a word (or words) or a picture (logo). You should apply for the trademark you will use for your goods and/or services. 

You won’t be able to register the trademark you want if it has already been registered by someone else for the same or similar goods or services, or it is a term used in your industry to describe the goods or services. So, to save time, money and hassle, we suggest getting in touch with an expert if you think you might need some help. 

Goods and services

You must provide the IP office (IPONZ) with details of all goods and services that you wish to register your trademark for.  

All goods and services are categorised into 45 different classes. This allows similar trademarks to be registered for different goods and/or services by different companies.

For example:

  • SNICKERS will be registered for chocolate (class 30)

  • NIKE is most likely a registered trademark for goods such as sports shoes, sports clothing (class 25), and perhaps services like sporting events (class 41).

  • TESLA might be a registered trademark for cars, and electric vehicles (both in class 12),

  • SKY CITY would be a registered trademark for casino services (class 41), as well as restaurant and bar services (class 43).

Don't worry if you're not entirely sure about which class (or classes) to apply for.  The DIY TM wizard will help you find suitable goods/services to include in your application. You should include goods or services that you will use your mark for and those you might wish to use your mark for in the future. Be bullish about what you may want to register your trademark for, but also be realistic.

It's worth noting that the more classes you include, the more your application will cost. Check out the pricing page for details. 

After you apply

After DIY TM has submitted your trademark application, we'll send you email updates as things happen:

1. if your trademark application is accepted

2. if your application faces an objection to the wording of the goods and/or services

  • We'll fix it for no charge!

3. if your trademark application receives other objections

  • Your application might be objected to by IPONZ, or opposed by someone else (see FAQ for more information).

4. if your trademark is registered