Pricing - New Zealand trade mark application

DIY TM is transparent with its pricing; there are no surprises and no hidden fees.

  • One-off flat fee:  $200 per trademark application.
  • Fee per class:  $200 for each class included in the trademark application (includes all official fees).

We only charge once! You won't have to pay additional registration or "success" fees.

Using DIY TM means you can skip the lawyers and the logins and get the benefit of our whizz-bang specification of goods selector - all for a one-off fee.

Trademark costs in New Zealand depend on the number of different classes of goods and/or services covered (for more information on goods and services see Need to Know). 

Don't worry if you're not entirely sure about which class (or classes) to apply for.  The DIY TM wizard will help you to find suitable goods/services to include, and display a running total of the number of classes and total cost:



You can pay by VISA or MASTERCARD. Payments are processed by Braintree - a division of Paypal.